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Clicker offers a range of both curriculum and accessibility support
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Clicker is a program devoted to enhance students’ reading and writing skills. It is an interesting tool for teachers who want to integrate multimedia resources into their classes. The program allows you to read and copy texts, view images, play videos and listen to synthesized speech, which will read out loud the text displayed on the screen, highlighting the words as they are spoken.

The teacher can prepare exercises (called grids) that include pop-ups, which can contain pictures or words, and which can be used to match words and pictures, label activities, or give additional information on a subject. The grids can be later modified, printed, or saved. You can add or delete elements, correct inputs or build new phrases or questions.

You can use the evaluation version of Clicker for thirty days. You will have to register your evaluation version on-line in order to be able to use it. This version does not allow you to save or print Clicker Writer Documents, and it does not include the Sassoon font, either. However, it will allow you to save your grids.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is a valuable tool for teachers


  • The cost is too high
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